The Okeechobee County School Board is considering adoption of new social studies curricular materials for United States History & Career Planning Grade 6, World Geography Grade 8, and Introduction to Personal Financial Literacy Grade 8.  To access the vendor information and digital materials please visit the URLs below.

Grade 6 United States History and Career Planning Username:  SE_612_FLSS22, Password:  SparkFL22_612SE

Grade 8 World Geography  (Special Notes:  For State:  Type EVALUATOR, For District:  Social Studies 16-91001102, Click Sign in then DISCOVER at the top of the menu) Username:  EvalStudent220_91001103, Password:  E!1qro46kbe
Grade 8 Introduction to Personal Finance  (Special Notes:  Once Logged in click:  CLASS CONTENT, then click VIEW to see the chapter content) Username:, Password:  1StudentDemo
Please contact Andi Canaday if you have trouble accessing the materials (863-462-5000 ext. 1095). Please respond to the following survey after review.